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ESPrtk 3.9.x

That is in early 2020, is also the time for the world to discover a new virus extremely dangerous – COVID19. It is also the reason for us to complete the development of Pro tracking software to manage and track patients using low cost GPS.

Immediately after the release of version 3.2.5, it was time for us to plan a new 3.9.X with a lot of improvements in software and new hardware support.

We received many contributions and new feature requests for this release. And by September 1, 2020, everything about it is complete (Firmware + Documentation + Test time).

What’s new in ESPrtk 3.9.x?

GSM / Cellular / Ethernet.

Starting with 3.3.x with support for 2G products of SIMCOM.

Then there are 3.4.x and 3.5.x with support for 3G-4G LTE by SIMCOM and 2G-3G-4G LTE by Digikey and Quectel.

Version 3.8.x launches with support for Ublox 2G-3G-4G-LTE and Ethernet connectivity using W5XX (W5500 – W5100- W5200).

They are: “SIM800”, “SIM808-SIM868”, “SIM900-SIM968-SIM968″,”SIM7000E”, “SIM5320E-SIM5360”, “SIM7100”, “SIM7600E”, “Ublox LEON-G100”, “Ublox LISA-U2xx”, “Ublox SARA-G3xx”, “Ublox TOBY-L2xx”, “Ublox LARA- R2xx “,” Ublox MPCI-L2xx “,”Ublox SARA-U2xx”, “Ublox SARA-R4xx”, “Ublox SARA-N4xx”, “Quectel BG96”, “Quectel M95”, “Quectel MC60”, “Digi XBee”, “SequansMonarch”.

So besides RTK Internet access for NTRIP / MQTT using WIFI and ENC28J60. Now, you can use GSM / Cellular and Ethernet W550 for internet connections.


Stream manager.

Version 3.2.5 has the feature of adding RAW data to the stream.

On version 3.9.x, this feature was focused and further developed .

The supported streams on version 3.9.x are RTCM / NMEA / UBX / SKYTRAQ.

It allow the user to configure filters to manage the RTK data stream running through it. Can insert data, remove a message, repeat a message, replace a message with other data, minimize the appearance of a message … and set a speed limit (highest ) for Push-Out data .

 (detail about this feature).  

Some other improvements.

  • – You can change the CSS/theme interface for WEB Configure with at least 3 options. (BGW +BWR + BGG )
  • – The GNSS Viewer includes Glonass-QZSS-NavIC satellite status view.
  • – Kalman filter issue for Gimble lock of Euler’s corners has been improved.
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