Blog – Complete development cooperation between ESPrtk and AGROTRONIC – ESP32 RTK .

June 5, 2020 .

That is 1 year ago !

We received an email from AGROTRONIC with questions and requests for feature support to build a low cost RTK board for TRIMBLE receivers (and later John Deere, Novatel, Hemisphere included) for agricultural use.

At that time ESPrtk was at version 3.9.3 .

The ESPrtk development team started working on the detailed requirements of AGROTRONIC. We found AGROTRONIC’s feature proposals very interesting and we agreed to work with AGROTRONIC in the research and development of new features.


Most of our special users can become our partners and AGROTRONIC is one of them.

AGROTRONIC specialized in electronic products for agriculture and today it is a reference in BRAZIL as the store with the largest number of parts and equipment for precision agriculture.

The AGROTRONIC’s store has almost everything you need, just contact them and tell them what you need, the support team will always help you in the best way possible.

Besides, must to mention AGROTRONIC’s team of scientists and engineers with professional development and production processes.

They are the people who have directly worked with the ESPrtk development team from the early days to the success of the project.

If to evaluate them in the most concise way : They are very talented, hardworking, always optimistic and cheerful people !

Start cooperation.

The first days are always a new time for both engineering teams of AGROTRONIC and ESPrtk .

We try to understand the requirements of AGROTRONIC, try to understand what their system includes and what needs to be developed.

AGROTRONIC learn how to use ESPrtk and quickly built the first test board.

And after only a short time, we were ready to go together !

Tons of problems to solve and hundreds of hours of working together.

Yes, thinking of an idea is always easy, but making that idea a reality is never easy.

For us, when we get stuck, the motivation to keep working is to believe in our own abilities. With all the experience and knowledge of all the best people we have, we never thought anything was impossible.

We plan, develop, test, and repeat the process.

Total time for this process is 1 year working together to solve each issue one by one.

Everything works perfectly, at least the ESPrtk software and the hardware manufactured by AGROTRONIC.

After all, we feel satisfied with the effort and time that we have spent on this project.


Although it was thoroughly tested during development, AGROTRONIC still decided to do a final test of a large number of prototypes in the field with a period of months!

If everything goes according to plan, the final test will end at the end of August 2021 before we mass produce thousands of units shortly after to supply the market that AGROTRONIC is targeting. .

Now, what we talk to each other is no longer lines of code or system errors.

We have begun to discuss the market approach for the product, maintaining a long-term cooperation relationship between AGROTRONIC and ESPrtk.

Follow this project.

Now is the end of August 2021.

Results for the final test will be available in early September 2021.

That was the last job we had to do.

We want to guarantee the credibility of our brand by the quality of the actual product at 100% perfection.

We will continue to update promising information in the near future here, see you soon !

Contact to know more about AGROTRONIC .

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  • : AGROTRONIC Service .
  • : AGROTRONIC Corp .
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