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Development cooperation ESPrtk + ALBORA

Albora has developed a high-precision geolocation open ecosystem that delivers accurate positioning coordinates ubiquitously, specially addressing problems in challenging environments such as urban areas and industrial/infrastructure complexes.
Our ecosystem currently consists of 2 products: ALBASnap and ALBASpot.

ALBORA was founded with the drive to address geolocation technologies’ most pressing problems.
Our multi-disciplinary team draws expertise from more than 125 years in business, industry and academia to develop a unique and disruptive technology – ALCORE.

Build the first Dev circuit board.

ALBORA is interested in ESPrtk’s solution and intends to use ESPrtk in their ecosystem.

A test board was built right away .

It includes ESP32 (ESPRTK), F9R (GNSS) , SIM800L (Internet) , OLED (Display) and a 5V-3.3V voltage converter circuit.

This system will works as an NTRIP ROVER using 2G network. (No WIFI).

Build the second Dev circuit board.

After testing the software on the first board in the lab.
ALBORA moved to build a second panel for outdoor testing purposes.
It is more compact, adds several external communication ports and has an additional aluminum protective cover.

Outdoor test.

We have RTK FIX in the lab.

The next test is the outdoor test.

We prepared an RTK Base Station and place the antenna on the roof of a building in the city.

Antenna Rover will be placed on the roof of a vehicle.

Test result.

Everything is ready now.
We had a very good RTK outdoors although in crowded city conditions with tall buildings and trees.

Download KML + UBX tracking file : Click here

Download UBX (Video encrypt) tracking file (see video below to learn how to use with UCenter) Click here

Stanislav Masar from ALBORA team made a video of his F9R/F9P testing process with ESPrtk (ESP32+ 2G/3G module). He tests in an urban environment in the city of LONDON, UK on October 19, 2021.πŸš™πŸͺπŸš•πŸš—πŸ©β›ͺ️
The results are impressive, he has an RTK FIX with centimeter accuracy.πŸ›°πŸ“‘
Sometimes he stops and as you can see the position is kept fixed.πŸ“
At the end of the video, he was driving his car under a bridge and the RTK receiver remained very well positioned with the F9R’s internal INS/IMU technology.

Alright ! We need time to evaluate the system performance with various tests on vehicles and car.
We will continue to update information about this project here soon .
Thank you very much for your interested and See you soon !

New update .

Okay .

Stanislav Masar and ALBORA team is developing a board that supports 3.5G QUECTEL, ZED-F9P, ESPrtk ESP32 .πŸ›°πŸ“‘ πŸš™πŸͺπŸš•πŸš—πŸ©β›ͺ️

Well done ALBORA team.

Contact to know more about ALBORA .

  • : ESPrtk Service/Support.
  • : ALBORA Service .
  • : Oriol Badia – Engineers ALBORA Dev Team .
  • : Stano Masar – Engineers ALBORA Dev Team .
  • : Adria Gusi – Engineers ALBORA Dev Team .
  • :Pere CuyΓ s – Engineers ALBORA Dev Team .
  • : Stanislav Masar – Engineers/Stakeholders ALBORA Dev Team .
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