3.x.x Firmware Support





  1. ESP32 NINA W106 Ublox , ESP32 WROOM-32UE and ESP32 WROOM-32E (ESP32 D0WD ECHO V3)
  2. ESP32 WROOM-32D and ESP32 WROOM-32U (ESP32 D0WD )
  3. ESPrtk module used to transmit wireless GNSS data in high precision positioning applications.
  4. ESPrtk is geared towards the ability to use high quality, independent, wireless and low cost platforms.
  5. Users can access and control ESP32 chip internal hardware.
  6. User update firmware.
  7. Multi-connection.
  8. Control and high speed real-time data processing.
  9. Protect device – Encrypt data.
  10. Automation of connections .
  11. Energy / Power / Speed / Hardware / Device manager.


  2. Basestation RTK, Rover RTK.
  3. RTCM data – NMEA data – UBX data – SKYTRAQ data
  4. WIFI – Bluetooth Classic – Bluetooth BLE.
  5. Ethernet module ENC28J60 (10Mbs)- W5500 (100Mbs) ,W5110. W5XXX
  6. LoRa module 1276-1277-1278-1279 .
  7. SD Card – OLED Display SSD1360/SH1106 – IMU MPU9250 – NEOPIXEL led.
  8. UART Configure – ESPrtk command.
  9. WEB Configure – UI WEB interface.
  10. Encrypt : Bitwise, AES , WAP, WAP2. SSL.
  11. Navspark : NS-HP-BD / -GL / -GN. PX1120R , PX1122R
  12. Ublox : NEO , LEA, M8P, F9P, F9K,F9H.
  13. Hemisphere: Eclipse P307 .
  14. NVS Technologies:NV08C-RTK .
  15. Swift : Piksi Multi .
  16. Trimble , Topcon RTK receiver .
  17. Support SIMCom 2G SIM800 + SIM900 series (SIM800A, SIM800C, SIM800L, SIM800H, SIM808, SIM868 , SIM900A, SIM900D, SIM908, SIM968).
  18. Support SIMCom 3G SIMCom WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ Modules (SIM5360, SIM5320, SIM5300E, SIM5300E/A) SIMCom LTE Modules (SIM7100E, SIM7500E, SIM7500A, SIM7600C, SIM7600E) SIMCom SIM7000E/A/G CAT-M1/NB-IoT Module.
  19. Support Quectel 3G Quectel BG96 Quectel M95 Quectel MC60.
  20. Support U-blox 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE Cat1 Cellular Modems (many modules including LEON-G100, LISA-U2xx, SARA-G3xx, SARA-U2xx, TOBY-L2xx, LARA-R2xx, MPCI-L2xx) u-blox LTE-M/NB-IoT Modems (SARA-R4xx, SARA-N4xx, but NOT SARA-N2xx).
  21. Support U-blox 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE Cat1 Cellular Modems (many modules including LEON-G100, LISA-U2xx, SARA-G3xx, SARA-U2xx, TOBY-L2xx, LARA-R2xx, MPCI-L2xx) u-blox LTE-M/NB-IoT Modems (SARA-R4xx, SARA-N4xx, but NOT SARA-N2xx).
  22. Support Digi XBEE_Cellular 2G/ 3G /LTE CAT 1 / LTE-M
  23. Support Script AT command for GSM/LTE/ 2G,3G,4G sim.
  24. Support Low Speed Stream + UART Repeater ( RTK Offline ).
  25. Antenna + Position Manager.



  • Price : 0 dollar
  • Verify ID
  • Unlimited days use
  • Main functions
  • 10x option
  • Email support


  • Price : 50 dollars
  • Verify ID
  • Unlimited days use
  • Full functions
  • Full option
  • Email support + Notification

Buy ESPrtk Key Activate Firmware 3.x.x

+Unlimited days use ESPrtk 3.x.x . +Full functions ESPrtk 3.x.x . +Full option ESPrtk 3.x.x . +Support via Email .


  • Email to address : contact@esprtk.com
  • Letter title : Purchase request
  • Hello,I need to get the activation file. Owner name : [Your Name] . On 03/03/2020 , (d/m/y) I used my paypal/visa/mastercard account named [ Your paypal/visa/mastercard’s Name ] to send 50 dollars to paypal account [phungthaison96@gmail.com] with the request to buy 1 KEY files (price is 50 dollars for 1 device) for the REQUEST files below. Benefit package : FULL . The REQUEST file number in the directory: 1 Files. (And attach your Request_Folder.zip file .)

Download ESPrk datasheet , Arduino Code , Documents

Go to this page to download all ESPrtk document : ESPrtk documents

Benefit package detail – FULL:

In previous versions, we limited the functions and limited use time.   In version 3.x.x, we removed all these restrictions and combined it into one option: No time limit , no limit on usage functions and free upgrade.

Users will be able to own ESPrtk for themselves forever and do not need to pay any additional fees incurred during use.

All the functions that run on ESPrtk 3.x.x that we introduce in the document/datasheet and on this site can work on your device with just a single purchase.

You are supported by our ESPrtk development team and free advice 24/7 via email.



>= 10

>= 50

>= 100

>= 200

>= 300

>= 500

>= 1000









Benefit package detail – Verify FREE:

We require users to pay first, and then resend the activation file to the user. However, if you are a new user, you may be worried that someone (not us) is receiving money from you without sending you the full activation file..

So to ensure safety for users when paying and to protect our ESPrtk brand, you can ask us to provide LONG ID to verify the ESPrtk developer before paying.

Where to find your LONG ID:

LONG ID is a form of our digital signature used to identify the ESPrtk version. So LONG ID is different on every device and may not be the same on every updated version. This is to ensure the software you are using is developed by the ESPrtk team.

You can find LONG ID on port TX_UART0 when ESPrtk restarts, for example:

$ESPLOG|262|0|SYSTEM|ESPrtk Version: 3.0.0 .|Activated: 1 .|ESPrtk ID: 81909_GHB9A .|ESPrtk Short ID: 81909 .|ESPrtk Long ID: 81909_GHB9A_38Q4DM5A13J6UF3 .|Chip Rev: 1 .|MAC WIFI-STA: 30:AE:A4:28:24:90 .|MAC Bluetooth: 30:AE:A4:28:24:91 .|MAC Ethernet: 30:AE:A4:28:24:92 .||*1007

 You can also find it when you visit the [About] tab on the WEB configure.

Verify process before payment:

After receiving the Request.txt file from the user with the authentication request, instead of sending the Activation Key file, we will send back a list containing LONG ID corresponding to the devices in the Request.txt file.

Click “SHOW ORDER EXAMPLE” to example.

After getting LONG ID from us, compare and make sure it is the same as LONG ID on your device. Finally you can start paying to get the activation file.

The note:

The REQUEST and KEY files are unique on each ESPrtk device and cannot be used or replaced for other ESPrtk devices.

Don’t share the KEY file for anyone and don’t lose it, create at least 1 backup copy of it and store it in a safe place. Because you might need it.

Just upload the KEY file to ESPrtk only once. If the activation is successful, it will be stored in the ESP32’s flash in a secure partition, updating the firmware to ESPrtk will not lose it.
Can upload KEY file to ESPrtk more than one time, upload file will overwrite the old file.
You can download the REQUEST file from ESPrtk more than one time.

The KEY file works on any firmware version that is not older than the version it was created for. (For example, you have a KEY file on ESPrtk version 2.6.1, then you update the ESPrtk firmware to 3.0.0 to use new feature, You can still use the previous KEY file (2.6.1) to activate, as long as the KEY file is still in use time.)

Email support

We use 2 official email addresses to ask questions, ask for help, and request a device activation Key file.

  • contact@esprtk.com

  • esprtk@gmail.com

You can also use the above 2 email addresses to ask anything related to ESPrtk, RTK Ublox module, RTK Navspark module, help build RTK NTRIP / RTK MQTT / RTK RADIO LoRa system, multi RTK system connectivity, multi-Rover, or ESPrtk debugging requirements, new feature requests, even contributing to the development of ESPrtk.

Don’t work alone, our ESPrtk development team will be with you and help you professionally, for free and in the best possible way.

In order for our mailbox to be arranged, please email us with the title in the following format:

-For get KEY file to activate ESPrtk : Click Here
-For asking and sending private messages:
Letter title: “Private email – your short title. “
For example: “Private email – Hello, I have some private questions.”

Facebook chat.

From 1/2018 , We use 1 official facebook account to ask questions or help for faster support !.

ESP32 Chip.

We provide the firmware to run on the ESP32 chip manufactured by ESPRESSIF.

ESPRESSIF also makes and sells standard ESP32 development boards. You can also buy it at mouser.com or any reputable store.

ESP32-DevKitC V4 schematics (PDF) :

Click to access esp32_devkitc_v4-sch.pdf

We recommend these boards as it has an output pin that connects directly to the ESP32 GPIO pins, which is great for ESPrtk development or performance testing purposes.

All their documentation and circuit diagram are here:


Some note :

ESPrtk requires ESP32 D0WD chip – Dual core Tensilica Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessor chip.

  • ESP32 WROOM 32D
  • ESP32 WROOM 32U
  • ESP32 WROOM 32E
  • ESP32 WROOM 32UE
    • The WROOM-32D and the WROOM-32U are the same chip type (ESP32 D0WD). It doesn’t matter when you choose 1 of the them.

      The UBLOX NINA W106 , WROOM-32E and the WROOM-32UE are the same chip type (ESP32 D0WD – ECHO V3). It doesn’t matter when you choose 1 of the them.

      The difference is the ‘U’ suffix, which means the U-FL / IPEX antenna connector is supported instead of the antenna on the PCB platform.

      ESP32 WROOM-32D and ESP32 WROOM-32U

      ESP32 WROOM-32UE and ESP32 WROOM-32E

      ESP32 NINA W106 Ublox

Our software is Plug and Play + All in One.

For nearly 4 years, we have always worked hard to develop products, support and listen to all opinions from users, always follow the needs and development of the GNSS-RTK market.

We are very proud that our products have given thousands of people worldwide access to low-cost, high-quality GNSS-RTK systems.

We were happy to know that our products have helped users save a lot of costs during research and production with so many different applications especially in automatic agriculture.

There’s a lot of strong support on 3.x.x that we want to let you know, so start with the first articles below !.

Understanding ESPrtk

  1. What is ESPrtk ? – Understanding ESPrtk.
  2. How to use ESPrtk ? – Things need to know.
  3. Create ESPrtk board from any development board
  4. Connect ESPrtk to RTK receiver and some other modules

FLASH Firmware

  1. Register / Update firmware for ESPrtk
  2. Get KEY file to activate ESPrtk
  3. Free and Purchase ESPrtk firmware
  4. Cancel and Re-register
  5. Flash .bin file to ESP32 using “Download Flash Tool” software

Main Action Mode – RTK applications

  1. Start Main Action mode
  2. MQTT RTK Basestation
  3. MQTT RTK Rover
  5. NTRIP RTK Basestation
  6. NTRIP RTK Basestation – PX1122R/F9P + ESP32 + TRIMBLE, TOPCON, John Deere
  7. NTRIP RTK Rover
  8. RADIO RTK Basestation
  9. RADIO RTK Rover
  10. NTRIP RTK Rover Repeater
  11. MQTT RTK Rover Repeater
  12. RADIO RTK Rover
  13. UART Base to UART Rover bridge

Main Action Mode – Wireless Data Bridge

  1. Wireless Bridge – UART + Bluetooth 2 ways bridge (Transmiter + Receiver)
  2. Wireless Bridge – UART + Radio 2 ways data bridge (Transmiter + Receiver)
  3. Wireless Bridge – Bluetooth + Radio 2 ways bridge (Transmiter + Receiver)

Main Action Mode – Other Actions

  1. Export IMU Data to TX_UART_0 port
  2. Save NMEA-RTCM-RAW.. data (from RX-UART-RTK) to SD Card
  3. Send NMEA-RTCM-RAW.. data (from RX-UART-RTK) to Bluetooth Client
  4. Base RTK – Export NMEA-GGA data (from Rovers) to TX_UART_0 port
  5. Base RTK – Priority export NMEA Data from Rovers
  6. Rover RTK -Save RTCM/RAW… data stream (from Server/Radio_Base) to SD Card
  7. Rover RTK – Send GGA message (from RX-UART-RTK) to Server/Radio_Base + Export GGA to TX_UART0
  8. Rover RTK -Send all NMEA messages (from RX-UART-RTK) to Server/Radio_Base + Export NMEA to TX_UART0
  9. Wireless Bridge: Save data send (TX-Wireless-Data) to SD Card
  10. Wireless Bridge: Save data receive (RX-Wireless-Data) to SD Card
  11. Rover Repeat: Send RTCM/RAW… data (from Server/Radio_Base) to Bluetooth Client
  12. Rover Repeat: Send RTCM/RAW… data (from Server/WiFi_Radio_Base) to LoRa_Radio_Rover
  13. Send IMU1/IMU2 data to Bluetooth Client
  14. Send IMU_1/IMU_2 Data to WiFi TCP/UDP device
  15. Send RX-UART-RTK data to WiFi TCP/UDP device
  16. Respond realtime command control on RX-Bluetooth device .
  17. Respond realtime command control on WiFi TCP/UDP device.

System Configure

  1. System – Custum Pin Map on ESPrtk
  2. System – ESPrtk CHIP + SPEED + POWER manager
  3. System – ESPrtk PRINT + ERROR manager
  4. Stream manager in RTK applications – Inject data + Insert data + Remove data + Replace data + Repeat data + ….

Other post

  1. Encrypt and Decrypt to protect private stream data
  2. OLED Display
  3. MPU9250 – Magnetometer Calibration on ESPrtk using AI
  4. MPU9250 – Calibration Helper
  5. Get an free MQTT account
  6. Get an free NTRIP account
  7. NTRIP CASTER – Admin Dashboard page
  8. Configure F9P/M8P Ublox as BASE Station
  9. Configure F9P/M8P Ublox as Rover
  10. Configure NS-HP GL/BD/GN Navspark as BASE Station
  11. Configure NS-HP GL/BD/GN Navspark as Rover

UART Configure Mode – Read / Write configure

  1. Message Frame + Type value + CRC Calculate
  2. Start UART Configure mode for Read / Write configure data.
  3. Command Read / Write Configure – YOUR_PROFILE
  4. Command Read / Write Configure – ACTION_PLANNING
  5. Command Read / Write Configure – INTERNET
  6. Command Read / Write Configure – RADIO_RTK
  7. Command Read / Write Configure – MQTT_RTK
  8. Command Read / Write Configure – NTRIP_CLIENT
  9. Command Read / Write Configure – NTRIP_MASTER
  10. Command Read / Write Configure – UART_CONFIGURE
  11. Command Read / Write Configure – BLUETOOTH
  12. Command Read / Write Configure – DISPLAY_VIEWER
  13. Command Read / Write Configure – EVENT_LOG
  14. Command Read / Write Configure – SD_CARD
  15. Command Read / Write Configure – IMU_MPU9250
  16. Command Read / Write Configure – GPIO_PIN_MAP
  17. Command Read / Write Configure – SYSTEM_Other_Mode
  18. Command Read / Write Configure – INSERT_RAW_RX_BASE
  19. Command Read / Write Configure – INSERT_RAW_TX_ROVER
  20. Command Read / Write Configure – GSM_CELLULAR
  21. Command Read / Write Configure – STREAM_MANAGER
  22. Command Read / Write Configure – POSITION_ANTENNA
  23. Command Read / Write Configure – WIFI_TCP_UDP
  24. Command Read / Write Configure – NTRIP_CASTER ADMIN
  25. Command Read / Write Configure – NTRIP_CASTER ACCOUNTs

UART Configure Mode – Hardware Control

  1. Message Frame + Type value + CRC Calculate
  2. Start UART Configure mode for Hardware Control .
  3. Control Enable Type Print on TX_UART0
  4. Control GPIO on ESPrtk
  5. Control UART_1 and UART_2 on ESPrtk
  6. Control WIFI and Ethernet module (W5500+ENC28J60) connect to router
  7. Control TCP Client Task communicate with Server
  8. Control Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth BLE on ESPrtk
  9. Control OLED Display (SSD1306/SH1106)
  10. Control SD Card
  11. Control IMU + Magnetometer Calibration (MPU9250)
  12. Control Deep sleep + Wakeup

WEB Configure Mode

  1. Start WEB Configure Mode
  2. Ublox Tab
  3. Navspark Tab
  4. Profile Tab
  5. GNSSViewer + IMU Viewer Tab
  6. About Tab
  7. System Tab
  8. Profile Tab – Create new profile
  9. Profile Tab – Login/Logout
  10. Profile Tab – Your Profile – Avata – Theme
  11. Profile Tab – Action Planning
  12. Profile Tab – Internet RTK Online
  13. Profile Tab – Radio RTK Offline (WIFI + LoRa Radio)
  14. Profile Tab – MQTT RTK
  15. Profile Tab – NTRIP Client
  16. Profile Tab – NTRIP Master
  17. Profile Tab – UART Configure
  18. Profile Tab – Bluetooth
  19. Profile Tab – Display Viewer (OLED SSD1306 + SH11066 + NEOPIXEL)
  20. Profile Tab – Log file Event
  21. Profile Tab – Simple debug
  22. Profile Tab – SD Card logger
  23. Profile Tab – IMU MPU9250
  24. Profile Tab – GSM 2G 3G 4G LTE
  25. Profile Tab – Insert Remove Add to stream
  26. Profile Tab – Position Antenna
  27. Profile Tab – TCP/UDP WIFI bridge
  28. Profile Tab – NTRIP CASTER

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