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Hello ESPrtk User and Merry Christmas !🎄 ❄️ 🎅🦌☃

We are very interested in SKYTRAQ products.

Today there is great news for RTK and ESPrtk users that SKYTRAQ has completed development and started selling the RTK PX1122R and PX1172RH boards that support the ESP32 module in their new product lines.🎁

ESP32 is a very powerful module, it supports Bluetooth/WIFI, can be developed and used for RTK, NTRIP, CORS,AG,Drone…🛰📡


PX1172RH-HAT is PX1172RH-based dual-antenna input multi-band RTK board that provides centimeter-level accuracy RTK positioning and sub-degree accuracy (heading & pitch) or (heading & roll) angles. It is designed as a shield compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk. Or it can also be used as low-cost RTK surveying receiver when used with a survey antenna.

On-board ESP32 module provides Bluetooth connection to Android device for NTRIP connection to RTK correction service for RTK surveying application.

On-board 16GByte SD-Card provides RTCM raw measurement data logging capability for PPK applications.

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Evaluation Board for 12mm x 16mm size PX1122R multi-band quad-GNSS RTK receiver OEM module. Supports USB, UART, and Bluetooth SPP interface. The Bluetooth SPP interface allows rover NTRIP client connection to CORS network or RTK correction service via Android smartphone over Internet, and doing RTK surveying using Apps such as Mapit GIS, Mobile Topographer, Explorer for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, FieldGenius for Android, Locus GIS, …etc.


* Centimeter-level high precision navigation * Precision agriculture * Machine control guidance * Survey and GIS data collection * Structure and deformation monitoring

RTK applications require a base and a rover. The base can be 3rd party RTK base station service, or one can easily setup a local RTK base to use in base & rover pair operation using two PX1122R Evaluation Board.


By submitting dual-frequency RINEX log file, converted from RTCM or carrier phase raw measurement log file of a single PX1122R Evaluation Board, to online PPP service (OPUS、AUSPOS、CSR-PPP、APPS、GAPS…etc.) one can get absolute accuracy centimeter-precise position result anywhere on Earth without the need of RTK base.

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PX1122R-EVB BL3231S

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