Blog – GNSS/RTK F9P Drotek+ESPrtk development board – ESP32 RTK.

We chose Drotek.

Drotek is a leading GNSS / RTK production company in the world.

Drotek owns factories located in France and produces the highest quality products.

Not only GNSS / RTK, Drotek also expanded its ecosystem in many areas:

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  • Drotek Electronics : offers a full range of electronic design and manufacturing services for many applications ranging from vehicle positioning to full automation. Its solutions are now proven and recognized by professionals in the sector.
  • Drotek Robotic: design and integrate innovative cost-effective robotic solutions for complicated applications to everyday tasks. From small stand-alone systems to large integrated processes, we provide custom robotic and automation systems for industries of all types. We design and develop your robotic projects.
  • Drotek Events: develops light show drone solutions that are both innovative and easy to use to allow you to boost your activity. Discover the technology of IO STAR light show drones and offer your customers a unique air show.

The goals.

Drotek products always make users feel satisfied because of its excellent quality.

The ESPrtk development team realizes one thing: both ESPrtk and Drotek are aiming for one goal, which is to create high quality products at low cost.

Drotek is known as one of the first brands to provide the RTK community with high-precision professional positioning solutions with RTK chips from Ublox.

ESPrtk has over 3 years of development, and is also the first brand in the world to use the ESP32 chip to replace the CPU on RTK product lines with equivalent quality.

This is a good time for us to look to Drotek.

Drotek + ESPrtk.

The ESPrtk team then contacted directly with Drotek’s marketing specialist and technology engineer to discuss the cooperation model.

We trusted each other and the negotiation process of ESPrtk and Drotek has ended successfully.

ESPrtk and Drotek officially shook hands and started working together.

The first draft of the Drotek + ESPrtk board was then completed after a month.

It was then revised several times to match ESPrtk version 3.5.x and ESPrtk 3.9.x.

It fully supports the peripherals that ESPrtk 3.9.8 supports: ZED-F9P, WIFI radio, Bluetooth Classic , Bluetooth BLE, Ethernet, LoRa radio, SD Card, IMU sensor, Magnetic sensor, 3G/4G Ublox SaRa, Neopixel LED, expansion pin for OLED display.

This design is suitable for fans of F9P and ESPrtk.

And Yes ! You can use ESPrtk firmware for ESP32 on this board or program it by yourself or both of them.

(By default, this board, when on sale, supports the registration of the ESPrtk firmware so you can immediately use it for all applications and all sensors/module as a Plug-and-Play device.
To be able to program it, you need to cancel use ESPrtk firmware temporarily so that the ESP32 chip can accept your code.
Of course, because your ESP32 has been registered ESPrtk firmware before from the Drotek factory, you can still go back to using the ESPrtk firmware for free and forever.).

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Other board.

Drotek also produced a smaller RTK version, the Beacon RTK .

Everything F9P RTK / ESP32 (WiFI / Bluetooth) / DA233 Antenna / Battery / LED / SD Card /IMU/, .. is in a single design.

(Hardware design copyright belongs to


Drotek + ESPrtk boards are in the development and testing phases of rotation. It will not be available at the present time, the launch date may be longer than expected given the still very complicated Covid-19 epidemic in the world.

But it will certainly be available for sale in December of 2020. That’s the latest confirmation from Jerome PERIN and Corentin Vretman.

We do not raise funds, but any support for this project is always appreciated. If you are interested in this project, you can contact Drotek to pre-order and donate money the project to Drotek or ESPrtk accounts.

For more information about the ‘Drotek + ESPrtk’ development board, please contact:

  • : Drotek marketing, service and support.
  • : Jerome PERIN . Drotek technology engineer and marketing .
  • : Corentin Vretman . Drotek technology engineer
  • : Paul Thelu . Drotek technology engineer .
  • : Anthony Joy Sugunarajah . Drotek technology engineer .
  • : Ronan GUERINEL. Drotek technology engineer .
  • : ESPrtk marketing, service and support.

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