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GEONiN+ESPrtk Project.

GEONiN is a manufacturer and supplier of GIS/GNSS related products and total geodetic measuring instruments.

They have a worldwide customer service : North America , EUROPE , Lantin America , Aisa .

GEONiN’s website address at: .

In early 2021, we received an invitation to cooperate from GEONiN in redesigning the ESPrtk interface specifically for GEONiN’s device.

We agreed and officially became partners after that, the development process started right after that. The working process is quick and convenient.

In June 2021, the development project is complete and we have a special version of ESPrtk exclusively for GEONiN.

Reviews from us.

ESPrtk 3.9.90 + Mobile UI WEB

This is an improved version of ESPrtk and builds on top of our most powerful version 3.9.90. Click here to learn more about ESPrtk 3.9.90 version .

You can watch an introductory video of this project here:

The highlight is the WEB UI interface that is compatible with Mobile and Tablet devices.

GNSS-VIEWER, IMU-VIEWER and Profiles tabs integrated on a single page. Users only need to switch between tabs with a Slide menu on the left side of the screen.

Support 2 display languages ​​are English and Spanish .

Lat-Lang conversion function to UTM coordinate system on GNSS-VIEWER.

Spirit-Level function on IMU-VIEWER tab.

Testing board

GEONiN tested the ESPrtk solution on the first prototype. 🇩🇴 🇻🇳
Support OLED screen , ESP32, SD Card, LoRa 433Mhz 500mW, LTE 3G/4G SIMCOM SIM7600 , IMU sensor MPU9250, PX1122R RTK L1/L2 Navspark.🛰🛰🥰😘

Contact to know more about GEONiN products.

  • Bryan Monero . (at Massachusetts USA – North America )
  • : Carlos Jiron. (at Italy – EUROPE ).
  • : DMecca SRL . (at Agrimensores Del Caribe – Lantin America) .
  • : GEONiN Corp .

GEONiN’s Facebook address at:

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